The Corporation


A cultural institution located in the municipality of Saint-Laurent-de-l’Île-d’Orléans, the Parc maritime was created as a testament to the island’s maritime heritage. Among other things, it boasts the Godbout Rowboat Shop, built in 1838, which was used by three generations of shipwrights and was declared a heritage property by the Government of Quebec in 1977. The shop’s relocation to the place of the former shipyard in 1989 marked the first step in creating the future Parc maritime. The Corporation du Parc maritime de Saint-Laurent was founded in 1995.


The mission of the Parc maritime de Saint-Laurent is to safeguard, promote and showcase the maritime heritage of Île d’Orléans.

Board of directors

Jeanne d’Arc Delisle, President
Benoît Pouliot, Vice-President
Yves Coulombe, Board Member
Julia Sotousek, Board Member
Pierre-Paul Plante, Board Member
Gilles Godbout, Board Member
Jacques Curodeau, Board Member

Park team

Sylviane Pilote, General Manager
Gaétane Chabot, Supervisor