The shipyard

chantier_maritime In 1908, Philéas Fillion bought a piece of land in Saint-Laurent-de-l’Île-d’Orléans to start building the Saint-Laurent tidal dock. With the help of family members, Ovide Fillion took over the business when his father died in 1909. In 1911, it became the Chantier maritime de Saint-Laurent I.O. ltée. At the time, it was one of the largest shipyards. It even boasted over 100 workers at one point! The remnants of this industrial operation, which are still standing on the modern-day site of the Parc maritime de Saint-Laurent, are an indication of the shipyard’s impressive size. A single family, the Fillions, ran the business for six decades. The Chantier maritime de Saint-Laurent was the leading industry on Île d’Orléans. Naval construction activities went on between 1908 and 1967 when building, repairs and wintering were its main operations. First known for its sailboats, the shipyard also began building schooners over the years and later developed a variety of power-driven steel and wooden vessels. It also gained renown for its manufactured parts including gas tanks, propellers, winches, and more. With the development of the road network in Quebec, trucking gradually replaced river shipping and led to the disappearance of small coastal vessels. Due to a lack of demand, the shipyard closed its doors in 1967.