About the maritime Park

About the maritime Park

Located in the municipality of Saint-Laurent-de-l’Île-d’Orléans, the maritime Park is a cultural institution born from the desire to bear witness to the maritime heritage of the island. It notably features the Godbout rowboat shop, built in 1837, which over time has welcomed three generations of rowboat manufacturers. The rowboat shop was classified as a heritage building by the Quebec government in 1977. In 1989, the relocation of the rowboat shop to the site of the former Shipyard of Saint-Laurent, then disused since 1967, gave rise to the maritime Park of Saint-Laurent. The non-profit organization of the Corporation du Parc maritime de Saint-Laurent was founded in 1995 and has been in charge of the management of the accredited museum institution since its foundation. In 2016, the Corporation became the Fondation du Parc maritime de Saint-Laurent (Foundation of the maritime Park). The establishment has been accredited by the Ministry of Culture and Communications (MCC) of Quebec since 2019.

The mission of the maritime Park Foundation

The maritime Park of Saint-Laurent preserves, showcases and promotes the maritime heritage of Île d’Orléans by interpreting the Shipyard of Saint-Laurent as well as the Godbout rowboat shop.

The maritime Park team

Gaétan Bouchard

General manager

Originally from Montreal, Mr. Bouchard worked for nearly 30 years for the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts as director of information systems for the institution. He has a master’s degree in public administration.

Jacqueline Guimont

Person in charge of the photography exhibition and interpreter-guide

Originally from Bas-Saint-Laurent, Ms. Guimont studied art history and museology. She has been a guide at the Park for several years.

Mélanie Beauchamp

Person in charge of the inventory and reception attendant


Originally from Drummondville, Ms. Beauchamp has a bachelor’s degree in art history and is completing a master’s degree in the same field at Université Laval.

Antoine Côté

Collections and communications coordinator and interpreter-guide

Originally from Quebec, Mr. Côté has a bachelor’s degree in history from Université Laval and has been working since 2022 on the implementation of several projects at the Park.

The Foundation's board of directors

Chantal Gingras


Holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Laval University, Ms. Gingras leads a parallel career in the arts (acrylic paintings). The design of Orleans and Quebec houses represents the major part of her architectural practice.

Jean Saulnier


A human resources advisor for many years for the city of Quebec and a member of numerous committees, Mr. Saulnier was president of the Foundation of the maritime Park from August 2020 to February 2023.

Maryse Fortier


Investment advisor and planner for several years for major financial institutions, Ms. Fortier has been providing her expertise as treasurer for the maritime Park since October 2020.

Marion Richard

Board member

St-Laurent municipal councilor and civil engineering project manager, Mr. Richard has several years of expertise. He is passionnate about water sports including windsurfing and he has achieved several exploits in this field.

Marc-André Goulet

Board member

Representative of the municipality of St-Laurent and recent board member at the Foundation of the maritime Park, Mr. Goulet has been a volunteer firefighter for several years.

Michel Deblois

Board member

Founding owner and president of his own consulting firm, Mr. Deblois has worked mainly in the field of research and development applied to industry. He has worked with many major companies.

Marc Ferland

Board member

Mr. Ferland has a dozen years of experience in the management of civil engineering construction projects. He has worked on many important public projects.

Law 25 : Protection of personal information in the private sector

The maritime Park of Saint-Laurent is committed to protecting the personal information of its visitors. We respect the obligations of Law 25 concerning the protection of personal information. The person responsible for the protection of personal information is Gaétan Bouchard, general manager of the institution. To reach him, dial 418-576-7715.